Why read nnlnr?

Have you ever wished you could learn from the successes and failures of someone else? Here’s your chance. :) With as much vulnerability as I can muster, I’ll be sharing all that I learn as I build an apparel brand from the ground up. I believe you’ll be entertained as you read, if not a little more informed.

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Additional context…

nnlnr originally began as an homage to the nonlinear paths that we take through life, full of ideas, reflections, and general commentary from the known to unknown edges of the world. But, just as I pivoted from a large, multinational brand to a tiny, local one, I pivoted the intent of nnlnr to be more focused on what I’m learning in my first year building Just Mystic.

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A learning journal that documents my first year building a hyper local apparel brand (and running other experiments) from the ground up.


Robert Nelson
Founder, writer, investor. Currently writing about Just Mystic, documenting learnings from my first year building a hyper local apparel brand and running other experiments. Follow @justmysticshop on Instagram.